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Que fait vous permet de comparer les barèmes primes de miles des différents programmes de fidélisation des compagnies aériennes.

Tapez les destinations qui vous intéressent dans le formulaire (attendez un instant pour voir les options "auto-complete", ou entrez simplement l'abréviation IATA de l'aéroport).

Même si les miles ne sont pas comparables directement de programme en programme, la calculatrice vous donne néanmoins un aperçu, quel programme serait peut-être le plus avantageux pour vous.

La majeure partie de notre contenu est en anglais, mais la calculatrice et les données sont maintenant disponibles en français! Nous ajouterons plus de fonctions en français d'ici peu.

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  1. Update to TAP Calculators
    14 September, 2018

    TAP Victoria has changed its award rates several times this year. Both the Star Alliance and TAP's own metal rates are now up to date on The TAP calculator now includes rates for high and low season redemptions.
  2. New Air India Flying Returns Star Alliance Rates
    30 September, 2018

    Air India Flying Returns Star Alliance redemption rates are based on a mix of zones and distances (there are now only seven large zones). All destinations belong to a zone so there are rates from zone to zone. However, in addition, there are also distance based rates, which look interesting primarily for shorter distances.

    One-way itineraries are possible and cost half the round-trip miles.

    The long-haul award tickets seem to be priced very high in comparison, for example Mumbai to Los Angeles

    On the other hand, a short haul redemption may actually look like decent deals, such Boston to Newark.
  3. New Aeroplan Surcharge Comparison Page
    1 October, 2018

    Check out our new Fees and Surcharges comparison page for Aeroplan. If you're an Aeroplan member you can have a look at how different airlines and different destinations have an influence on the amount of fees and fuel surcharges you need to pay on top of your miles redemption.

  4. New Air India Flying Returns Own Metal Rates
    9 October, 2018

    The Air India own metal international and domestic rates are generally calculated by distance, but there are a few exceptions to the distance calculations (in the international chart). The rates were updated recently and these changes are now reflected in our calculator as well.

    The domestic and international rates are maintained in separate calculators.
  5. Flying Blue Calculator Up to Date
    14 December, 2018

    We have re-worked our Flying Blue miles calculator so that our rates reflect the same miles as the estimator on the Flying Blue website. The rates recently changed on Flying Blue and they is no longer follow a clear zone logic or distance logic. Nonetheless the results from our calculator correspond to the "starting from" rates published on the FB website.    
  6. Version 2.0 of
    25 March, 2019

    Version 2.0 of has been launched! The new site is now mobile friendly, which will make it much easier to search our data from any device you may be using. All our calculators are still here and we have now removed all advertising from the site!

    The great majority of our users will be able to continue to use the site for free. In order to offset our efforts of updating all the calculators we have introduced subscriptions for our power users (who need unlimited access).
  7. Singapore KrisFlyer Calculators Updated
    19 April, 2019

    KrisFlyer award rates recently went through a devaluation. The calculators have been updated to reflect those changes. The new Star Alliance rates came into effect on April 16th, 2019 and the regular Singapore Airlines ones in January.
  8. Asia Miles Update
    26 April, 2019

    Asia Miles now has two different rate categories for flights on Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon, the "Standard Award Rates" and the "Choice Award Rates". The "Choice Award Rates" are higher than the "Standard Award Rates" but they give loyalty members a better chance of booking seats.

    Asia Miles' oneworld award rates have gone through a small devaluation as well.

  9. Emirates Calculator
    26 April, 2019

    There were some recent adjustments to award rates for Emirates flights. These rate changes affected mostly flights in and out of Australia as well as flights to and from the southern part of the Indian sub-continent (e.g. BLR, MAA, Maldives, Sri Lanka).
  10. Alaska Update Part I
    3 May, 2019

    Alaska Mileage Plan has just devalued its Icelandair redemption rates. We took the opportunity to update the other Alaska partner calculators as well (American Airlines, Korean, Emirates, LAN).  We have also removed some now defunct calculators from pervious parnerships (Delta, Air France/KLM, AeroMexico).

    In part II of the Alaska update we will add the other partner calculators for: Condor, Finnair, Hainan, JAL

    Virgin America's Elevate program calculators have been removed since the airline was merged with Alaska Airlines.
  11. Alaska Update Part II
    8 May, 2019

    In part II of the Alaska Mileage Plan update we have added some new partner calculators:

    - Condor: Alaska Mileage Plan members can redeem flights on Condor, a German carrier. There is a number of unusual routes from North America to Europe. Members in the USA can also use their miles to fly Copndor to Africa or the Middle East.
    - Japan Airlines: Alaska miles can be used for inner-Asian itineraries and for redemptions across the Pacific Ocean.
    - Hainan Airlines: Hainan is a Chinese airline, flights across the Pacific and within Asia can be redeemed.
    - Finnair: Award flights with Finnair can be redeemed on their extensive network in Europe and even for flights from North America to Asia. for example San Francisco to Beijing.
  12. Miles & More Rates Change Today
    9 May, 2019

    The Miles & More miles award rates are going through a devaluation today (May 9, 2019). Economy class redemptions stay mostly the same but business and first class award rates see a 4-7% increase in miles needed.  
  13. Hawaiian Sudden Devaluation
    13 May, 2019

    Hawaiian Airlines changed its award rates without warning a short while ago. The changes include the following main points:

    - The award rates are priced on a spectrum, from a minimum rate to a maximum rate, and there are fewer award categories (the calculator results show the lowest and highest rates).
    - There is a significant spike in redemption rates, especially if you're traveling from the East Coast or your award ticket is in the higher band of the rate spectrum. 
    - North America is now divided into two zones an Eastern zone (New York and Boston) and a Western zone (all the Hawaiian Airlines West Coast destinations).

  14. Small JAL oneworld Adjustment
    15 May, 2019

    Japan Airlines oneworld recently updated its chart with a small adjustment. This change is reflected in the calculations.
    To see the difference to the previous chart see here: 
  15. British Airways Executive Club Calculator
    16 July, 2019

    British Airways Executive Club recently changed its award rates for partner airlines. The partner airlines include most of the oneworld carriers as well as a few others:

    - Alaskan Airlines
    - Air Italy
    - American Airlines
    - Finnair
    - JAL
    - Cathay Pacific
    - LATAM
    - Malaysia Airlines
    - Qantas
    - Qatar Airways
    - S7
    - SriLankan Airlines
    - Royal Jordanian Airlines

    Award tickets on all of these carriers have been devaluated a little bit.

    The old award rates are still valid for British Airways, Iberia, AerLingus and Vueling. We therefore have two distinct British Airways Executive Club calculators.

    Compare the two award tables with an example:
    London Heathrow to JFK
    Note that the partner table does not have peak and off-peak prices. In addition, short haul routes in North America (under 650 miles one-way) are redeemed with the old Zone 2 prices.

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