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Below are the redemption rates for a frequent flyer award ticket between Panama City (PTY) and New York (JFK). You will see how many air miles are needed to travel between PTY and JFK.

The calculations on are based on the rates published by the frequent flyer programs; we currently track approximately 80 frequent flyer programs with approximately 200 different calculations possible. The calculator checks every frequent flyer program in the system to see if the destination pair is served by that program and then shows the number of air miles needed for an award flight.

If you are looking for suggestions on how to use your frequent flyer miles, try our suggestions engine here.

How to read the results:

  • The lowest rate for award flights is found in the blue “Your Query” box at the top of the results tables.   
  • The "Calculate Transfers" button calculates the number of points needed to convert and transfer from a partner loyalty program (hotel and credit card programs).
  • We invite you to share your own knowledge of the destination pair and program in question by clicking on the "Submit Your Comment" button.
  • "Log into Program" button links to the frequent flyer program's login page.
  • "Apply" links to the frequent flyer program's application page (to join the program).
  • "Check Rates" links to the frequent flyer programs own calculator or rates tables.
  • If the program is distance based and a connection is necessary, the calculator will find the most advantageous connection and calculate the flight distance through that connection.


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Your Query

From:Panama City, Panama
(Tocumen International -- PTY) 
To:New York, USA
(John F Kennedy International -- JFK) 
Frequent Flyer Program(s): ConnectMiles CopaAirlines / Star Alliance ConnectMiles CopaAirlines 
Best Rate(s):
ConnectMiles CopaAirlines / Star Alliance
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Round trip in Economy 35,000
Round trip in Business 60,000
Round trip in First Class 80,000
ConnectMiles CopaAirlines
Round trip in Economy Saver 30,000
Round trip in Economy Standard 60,000
Round trip in Business Saver 60,000
Round trip in Business Standard 140,000

How Many Miles Does It Cost?

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