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About the Developer

Philipp Gysling is the driving force behind The Toronto-based web developer and avid traveler, Philipp found himself often getting frustrated when trying to make the most of his own travel loyalty programs. Even for a seasoned user, this was often a confusing, time-consuming process that could end in disappointment or in an over-spend of rewards.  He envisioned a tool that could help by having all the comparison tools and updated data a person needed to make the most of their miles, all in one convenient place. And as an experienced and sought-after developer, he knew it was possible.

However, after an exhaustive online search, Philipp was surprised to find that one-stop-shop simply didn’t exist. So, he decided to build it. took flight in December 2011 and since then has fielded almost 2 million queries and continues to expand its offering to meet the needs of today’s informed traveler.

To learn more or to speak with Philipp, he can be reached through the contact form.

Advertise is the only cross-program frequent flyer award-rates calculator on the web and our visitor numbers are growing steadily. Many of the frequent flyer programs included in our engine do not even have their own rates calculator. What’s more, our users are savvy travelers and typically belong to several loyalty programs. We offer those users an experience that they can’t get elsewhere and because the engine is essentially language-agnostic, being numbers-based, we are able to serve a world-wide audience. In fact,  approximately 45% of the visits are from non-English speaking users. Just think about the potential of tapping into that expansive and lucrative user base . . . .

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